Amethyst mine visit with pendolino including transportation


1.12.2021 – 30.4.2022
Tuesdays & Thursdays
14:00 – 16:30
105 € / adult, 65 € / child 3-12 years
Group size 2 – 8
Has to be bought at the latest 72 h before starting time

* Duration 2,5 h
* Includes transportation and entrance fee.
* Experience beautiful landscapes of Lampivaara with a special pendolino transportation
* Dig your own gem stone of Lapland
* Guiding in Finnish and English

Meeting time & point:
14:00 Kairankutsu office, Kultakeronkatu 4, Pyhätunturi


Dress warmly, consider the current weather.

Professional guiding in English and Finnish, transportation and entrance fee to the mine.

Product description:
Transfers by car and special “Pendolino” –wagon pulled by a snow cat. Tour includes transfers, visit to Amethyst Mine, warm beverage. Pendolino will take you to the top of Lampivaarafell (small mountain) where you can enjoy the very top view of the area, over the national park. After arrival to the Lampivaara you will be seated in wooden shelter, shipping warm berry juice and listening the facts and fictions of this fascinating purple gem stone.

After the story moment you will be heading to digging area. A part of the open digging area is covered by roof, so amethyst searching is possible also during the winter time. Each visitor will be able to dig for their own personal lucky amethyst. In the end of the visit there is some time to drop by a small “Amethyst Shop” on site. The amethyst of the area is refined into jewellery and other productions.