Canoeing down the river 4 h


60 €/ adult, 60/ € child (3-12 y)
Group size 1 – 15
Has to be bought at the latest 48 h before starting time

* Duration about 4 h
* Small, safety and beautiful river
* Great way to relax
* Physical activity, sense-awakening and relaxing nature exploration


Meeting time & point:
11:00 Lucky Ranch – Pyhäntie 1210, 98530 Pyhätunturi

Please wear basic sport outfit, water bottle, biking helmet and backpack.

Professional guiding in English and Finnish, storytelling, warm tea / coffee.

Product description:
Canoeing down the river or on lake is great way to relax. Canoeing along the small river Pyhäjoki (13 km). Coffee and drinks are served on the side of the river. The journey is an overall experience of physical activity and sense-awakening and relaxing nature exploration. The pace will be set to accommodate all participants.