Land of the midnight sun 3 h


75 €/ adult, 60 €/ child 3-12 y
Group size 1 – 12
Has to be bought at the latest 72 h before starting time

* Duration about 3 h
* Magnificent scenery and landscape of Pyhä-Luosto area
* Hear stories and believes of Lapland
* The mystical beings and beliefs of Lapland
* Physical activity, sense-awakening and relaxing nature exploration


Meeting time & point:
21:00 Kairankutsu office, Kultakeronkatu 4

Please wear basic sport outfit, water bottle. Dress up according to prevailing weather conditions.

Professional guiding in English and Finnish, storytelling.

Product description:
During this easy hike you will experience the magnificent scenery and landscape of the Pyhä-Luostofell. As we climb to meet the mighty midnight sun you will hear stories and beliefs of Lapland and even golden eagle can fly above us. On the walk you can experience the magical landscapes, aapamires, surrounding fells and over 400 years old forests. You will hear Lapland and Finnish beliefs during the excursion, as well as mystical stories about our nature gods and beings around us.