Life at reindeer farm


3.12.2020 – 5.4.2021
Tuesday – Friday
11:00 – 11:45
30 € / person, children 0-3 you for free accompanied by adult
Group size 1 – 50
Has to be purchased prior to 24 hours

* 45 minutes guided, easy and informative reindeer experience
* Fit for families
* Chance to feed reindeers
* Instagram friendly

Includes: Guided tour to reindeer park


Meeting time & point:
10:45 Reindeer Restaurant Kopara, Luostontie 1160, 98530 Pyhätunturi. You will get your ticket and further instructions.

Dress warmly and consider the current weather. Pack extra clothes.

Available extras:
Local reindeer products, reindeer meat and souvenirs available at restaurant.

Product description:
You will meet at Restaurant Kopara your local reindeer herder, who leads you to a reindeer fence close by. During the tour you will hear stories about reindeer herders life and reindeers year about the birth at spring time on snowdrift, their nightless night wanders at midsummer, period of reindeers rut at autumn and surviving in arctic darkness and coldness, how do they move along in meter of snow and find their
food under it. During the tour you get to feed the reindeer and maybe even pad them.

This product is also available as family price!