Picnic grill bag


32 €/ 4 persons. Group size 4

* Pick up your grill back bag for your picnic in national park
* There is everything you need for enjoying self made coffee and grilling sausages on a fire
* Return your back bag in a decent shape.


Pick up your back bag from Restaurant Huttuhippu (13-21) or Visitor Center Naava (10-17). Notify about the pick up place chosen in “additional information”-box.

Incredients, accessories and instructions needed for grilling sausages and preparing original blackpot coffee on fire.

Please notify, all accessories are reusable. Damaged or lost items will be charged.
Back bag: 40€
Sausage grill stick: 20€
Coffee pot: 20€
Guksi and bottles: 20€/pcs
Cutleries: 12€/pcs

Rent your picnic bag for a trip in national park. Enjoy the real, self prepared blackpot coffee, and grilled sausages on a fire. All you need to take care is your personal stuff.

More information:
+358 16 882 821, huttuhippu@eatlappi.fi