Arctic North

Arctic North helps tourists and tour operators to plan a holiday and also assist during the holiday. You can trust your holiday in our hands.

Come and taste the best of Pyhä-Luosto with us

Arctic North is an online shop where you can purchase activities in the Pyhä-Luosto area.

Arctic North helps tourists and tour operators to plan a holiday and also assist during the holiday. You can trust your holiday in our hands. It’s an easy online service where you can choose, plan and purchase any Pyhä-Luosto activity and adventure. You’ll see which activities are available in real time, so you can make your choice at any time during your holiday.

We have chosen the best activities from the finest local providers. We have made sure that they are of high quality and available. We have also taken care of all contracts. Pyhä-Luosto is a large area with several fells in the nook of the oldest National Park in Finland. The area has been preserved from heavy tourism, and Arctic North is the first and only service that collects all Pyhä-Luosto activities in one place.

We at Arctic North are familiar with the Pyhä-Luosto nature, the local people and all the wonderful things they can offer. The locals are our partners. They have decades of experience in hospitable customer service. Come and taste the best of Pyhä-Luosto with us.

Arctic North was founded on the wishes of tourists and tour operators. There was a need for a safe and easy service in the area that could cater for various businesses offering activities. With us you can make the best plan for your Pyhä-Luosto holiday and purchase the desired excursions and related services. Arctic North is here to help you. Arctic North is made of wonderful local people and entrepreneurs. We have been welcoming tourists to the area for over ten years. The owners of the Arctic North also run local restaurants Huttu-Hippu in Pyhä, Vaisko in Luosto and a restaurant at the Reindeer Park Kopara. Arctic North guarantees the quality and availability of the activities − both single activities and tailored holiday packages.

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Online shop

  • Choose, compare and purchase all the best activities safely and with ease
  • See what’s available immediately − no need to send emails or make phone calls
  • Transportation is included in the programmes
  • Clear instructions that prepare you for your trip and activities
  • Lots of information on where to go and what to do – also about cost-free activities
  • Fair pricing – we’ll offer the best deals
  • The online shop Arctic North has a selection of the most exciting activities and adventures for you; we can recommend all of them
  • There is detailed information on activities, for example to whom they are targeted at, so it’s easy to compare, choose and prepare
  • Choose the ones that suit you – we have classics, local favourites and activities at no cost

This is how you do it

How do I choose and purchase activities via the online shop?

1. Find

On these pages you’ll find places to see, and guided as well as cost-free activities and adventures. Take a look and choose or ask us to recommend something! Contact us and tell us a little about yourself.

2. Compare

Would you like to try one of the Pyhä-Luosto classics or perhaps do as the locals do? Are you looking for peace and quiet or something thrilling? Relaxing or challenging? We have categorised the programmes to make it easier for you to choose.

3. Buy

1. Choose a date and time
2. Fill in your details
3. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or a bank transfer (Finnish banks)
You’ll receive a confirmation and instructions to your email

4. Enjoy

Check out instructions on how to dress according to weather. It’s useful to pack an extra layer of clothing in a rucksack. If you want to take photos, remember to charge the phone and camera batteries. They may die down quicker in cold weather. It might even be useful to have another battery with you. Make sure you know where the activity takes off, arrive in good time and good spirits. The programme will have a mention if meals are included or if one can be purchased as an extra. You can also take a small snack with you, for example nuts, chocolate or a sandwich.

5. Share

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