Register description

The register description of consumer customers and the handling of personal information by

Name: Pyhätunturin Ravintolat Oy
Contact information: Ukonhattu 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi

Contact person
Jarno Jaksola
Phone: +358 44 354 9622

Name of register
Customer register of

Purpose for the processing of the personal data (the purpose of use of the register)

  • The incorporated processes the customers personal data for the following purposes:
  • managing and developing the customer relationship
  • managing reservations
  • payments monitoring and collecting payments
  • marketing of the registrars goods and services
  • developing the incorporated business and developing related customer service

Information content of the register
The following information on the customers is collected and stored:

  • Customer details: first name, last name, language, contact information (e.g. phone number and mobile phone number, e-mail address and other possible electronic address) for contacting the customer, occupation/profession, nationality, city.
  • Reservation information (e.g. information on prior and upcoming reservations)  
  • information on refusal of direct advertising, distant sale, and other direct marketing in accordance with legislation  
  • other information collected with the customers consent (e.g. information on disabilities and illnesses reported by the customer that are necessary for providing the service requested)

Regular sources of data
Information concerning the customer is obtained from the customer himself/herself with his or her consent and from the events relating to the reservations and purchases of services the customer requests. Personal data can also be collected, stored and updated from the registers of the Population Register Centre or some other registrar providing address, updating or other similar services.

Regular disclosure of data and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area shall not disclose customers personal data.

Principles of protecting the register 
A. Manual material
Material in manual form is stored on the locked and monitored premises of

Electronic information
Only authorised employees of needing the customer information in their work have access to the customer information. These employees can access the information with their user IDs and passwords. The information is stored in closed network, which is protected by a firewall.

Register description
The register description concerning customer register can be seen in the online shop at

Right to check and correct erroneous information
The customer has the right to check his or her information in the customer register. When wishing to check his or her information, the customer must send a signed request to to the address mentioned above. The request must include the customers name, address, and phone number. shall deliver its written reply to the customer within 30 days of receiving the customers request.
If there are errors in the customers information, the customer can send a request for correcting the errors.

Right of refusal
The customer has the right to refuse to allow the registrar to process his or her information for the purposes of direct advertising, distant sale, or other direct marketing. The customer can provide notification of the refusal by sending it in writing to the address mentioned above or by email to


Data collection
Personal data are collected in accordance with the Personal Data Act as the customer makes service reservations by phone, e-mail or via the Internet site.
Right to check and correct erroneous information.