Northern Lights -guide to Pyhä-Luosto


One of the most frequently asked questions from those coming to Lapland is often: where and when can the northern lights be seen? The simple answer is from September to April, under a clear sky, in a dark enough place. On a clear and lucky night, you can spot the northern lights in the city too! In fact, I have been able to witness the Northern Lights dancing even in the center of Rovaniemi.


If you want a decent experience, you almost always have to go further downtown, out of the reach of light pollution. Fortunately, Luosto and Pyhä have many of these places, as there is little light pollution in smaller villages and towns.

Northern Lights Tips List:

So let’s go over to the tips themselves! The first thing to remember is that you almost invariably need a clear sky to see the northern lights. Behind a thin layer of clouds, it is still possible to spot these green lights dancing, but the brighter the sky, the better.

Secondly, it is a good idea to upload an app to spot northern lights. Apps are available for all the smartphones, and in my opinion, the free AURORA has been the best. Aurora Alerts  also operates in Pyhä, as well as in the Luosto area, which can be turned on during the holiday to indicate possible northern lights. After your holiday, notifications can be removed with a single click. Everything happens in a web browser, meaning no separate app is required. You can find the Aurora Alert in Pyhä here, and in Luosto here

The third tip is being fast. Sometimes northern lights appear in the sky for an entire hour or longer, when sometimes they take only a few minutes of quick visit. So be prepared to go out fast, when you get a notification from your aurora alert. Best possibilities you have if you are already out there. So take hot chocolate and a camping chair with you on a clear evening and use the place tips below to find yourself a spot in the fell or by the lake. Northern lights will greet you at some point.

Fourth, but by no means the least, tip is clothing. Clothes should be worn layer by layer, and it’s a must-remember! When watching the northern lights, one is usually in place for quite a long time and often the toes get cold first. It is worth putting pieces of newspaper in your shoes, because it insulates the cold incredibly well and dries the feet from moisture, which prevents them from freezing. A tip worth trying! You should also grab a flashlight, because it is really dark out of reach of street lights.



Places to see northern lights in Pyhä-Luosto:


Let’s go through the best places in Luosto first. The best places to spot northern lights in the village are marked in Luosto with ‘Aurora Alerts’ signs. One of these is ‘’Ahvenlampi’’, which can be found behind Lapland Hotels. There is also a shed here, so a longer northern lights trip is possible. Another open place in Luosto can be found on the shore of ‘’Aarnilampi’’. In addition to the ponds, Luosto has a few open swamps where it is likely to see northern lights. These can both be found along the Orresokka walking route. One at the very beginning and the other at the very end. If you want even more unique experience, you can go snowshoeing in the evening in the light of a headlamp towards Ukko-Luosto. There is a marked “Aurora Alerts” place about 1.5 km from the center of Luosto, and here in the middle of the cannon snow you can get to the real Lapland atmosphere while admiring the northern lights. Be sure to put on  warm clothes and take a hot chocolate with you, it is a good idea to book at least a few hours for this trip!


In Pyhä, there are also good places to spot northern lights. The first thing that comes to mind Asteli beach in Pyhäjärvi. On a clear and active night, you are sure to see auroras here. Pyhä also has a few open swamps, one at the end of ‘’Uusipalo’’ -road near the city center, and a one a bit further, which can be found along the snowshoe trail. There is also a bird tower to admire the northern lights. Any open place is suitable for northern lights, and it is best if it opens to the north. In the north the northern lights are dancing.

Of course, there are also various organized excursions to spot the northern lights. If, for example, you do not have a car with you, or you are interested in photographing northern lights. You can find northern lights excursions here. Here was our Northern Lights guide to Pyhä-Luosto, now go out and enjoy the beautiful colors of the sky.

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