Snowshoeing in Luosto area

I got to work in Luosto this winter, which was a great opportunity for me to try some new winter activities. First thing to try for me was snowshoeing, which I have done only once before. I was looking for some information on snowshoeing trails here in Luosto area, but couldn’t find too many tips. However, after a little searching and some help from a local, I found some pretty nice trails to try.

There are certainly more routes, but if you’re interested in stopping at trail cafes and you’re interested in beautiful views, these tips are for you. Many may connect the trail cafes to be accessible only for skiers, but luckily I found out that the delicacies of these cafes can also be enjoyed with snowshoes.

Snowshoeing Luosto, What to do in Luosto


The first experience snowshoeing in Luosto was the Pikku.Luosto route, which passes through the Lampivaara trail cafe. You can start this route either from Luostonportti (Luosto slopes parking) or from the car park named Ukko-Luosto. The route goes next to a ski trail, so getting lost is almost impossible. All the routes are also clearly marked with blue signposts.

The route to Lampivaara cafe is around three kilometers, and in the end you’ll find some mouth melting doughnuts. There’s also a shelter next to the cafe, where you can  warm up your own lunch and sip some hot chocolate. After the break, the journey continues towards Pikku-Luosto, where beautiful landscapes are waiting. If the weather is sunny, you can feel the D-vitamin absorb into your skin, gotta love spring.

The distance from the cafe to Pikku-Luosto was around one kilometer, after which the journey continued for a few kilometers back to the parking lot.


Views from Ukko-Luosto can be easily reached in winter time with snowshoes, and there’s also one shelter, Tikkalaavu on the way. The landscape at the top of Ukko-Luosto is incredibly beautiful, snow-covered giants (trees) everywhere. Climbing was pretty steep, but didn’t take too much time. For some time, the trail can also be reached without snowshoes because of the padded trail. I would however recommend snowshoes. There is also an Aurora Alerts spot on this trail, so I highly recommend also exploring this route by night in the hope of northern lights. Just remember to take a headlamp (and a friend) with you! You don’t need a whole day for this trip, it’s done in a few hours.


If you want a longer route from Ukko-Luosto, you should continue your trip to Torvinen ski-trail cafe, which is known as an unique trail cafe with no electricity or running water. I can assure you, you don’t need these to have some delicious salty and sweet treats. The route to this cafe can be done in a ring-route, and it’s total length is around six kilometers. There’s also a shelter in the beginning of this route, if you need a snack moment in nature.

For these day trips, it is easy to grab a picnic grill backpack with you, so you have lunch ready for a daytrip. Camping made easy! We also borrowed snowshoes from our accommodation for free, which made these excursions easy. Snowshoeing is an unique sport, where you can explore beautiful trails you wouldn’t otherwise see. This Luosto winter map also clearly shows where each route starts and how long the distances are. On sunny days it’s wonderful to enjoy the sunshine and views, but even on a cloudier day it’s nice to take a little day trip and enjoy the exotic Lapland scenery.